Talent Acquisition Specialist

Job Objectives:

  1. Source eligible candidates.
  2. Accelerate recruitment process.
  3. Build a talent community.
  4. Strengthen employer branding to better attract talents.
  5. Retain existing employees through onboarding and orientation process.

Main responsibilities:

  1. Receiving requests from department for new job availability.
  2. Creating job postings and Advertising job availability through online channels and other media.
  3. Screening candidates and drawing up shortlists of candidates.
  4. Interviewing and assessing prospective applicants.
  5. Organizing interviews.
  6. Negotiating offer.

Skill & Requirements:

MUST have at least 2-3 years experience

  1. Excellent interpersonal, attitude and communication skills.
  2. Negotiation and logic skills.
  3. A goal-orientated approach to work.
  4. The ability to handle multiple priorities.
  5. The ability to meet deadlines and targets.
  6. Attention to Detail.
  7. Good Judge of Character.
  8. Networking.

To apply for this job email your details to career@kanggo.id